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We take care of everything to host a live session.

We help you bring audience together through live sessions, from event page, link-in-bio, ticketing to in-web live session.

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Really, Everything.

Elegant Brand Page

Build a tailored link-in-bio brand page to show upcoming sessions with our no code editor.

Live session ticketing and management

No more annoyed steps to purchase event ticket, collect email lists and send third-party meeting link.

In-web interactive live session

A delightful meeting experience is important in this online meeting fatigue era. We provides Raising Hand, Pop Message, Reactions and Live Chat to help you make the session enjoyable.

Monetize your community

Nutshell provides a out-of-the-box payment gateway host paid event and monthly subscription.

Event Page

Interactive Meeting

We provide features to help you host a delightful meeting

Pop Message

Pop a block with a call-to-action button during the session. Increase the conversion rate for certain purpose.


Without more to say, floating reactions could definitely bring a good vibe to the session.

Role Management

You could just switch the role of attendees with just a few clicks.

state of the art speaker

Start live sessions within your community
Just like others

Live Sessions
Reached Audience

Live sessions for every use-case

Raise your community to the next level.

Workout Sessions

A tailored workout event page with selling paid ticket, we help coaches offer live workout session with ease.

Language Learning Groups

With the role management in the live session, teacher could arrange conversation with each students easily.

Study Groups

No more messaging app groups to share the meeting link, gather your study buddy, send invitation, notification and join the live session all in Nutshell.

Startups & Brands

An engaged community is valuable for any brand. Host and manage live sessions for different types of clients with just a few clicks.


Bring your listeners together to discuss about the latest episode, host a recurring Q&A session with listeners.

Membership Communities

Nutshell help you to bring them all together in a live session and monetize your community.

In a Nutshell
Nothing should stop you from holding a delightful live session.

No more annoyed steps switched between different apps, we take care of everything

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